This time of the year we get quite a few calls from concerned customers that their evergreens are turning yellow / brown on the insides and are dropping needles.


There is nothing wrong with your plant. It’s called fall shedding. It’s mother nature and happens every fall.


With the cool fall nights evergreens start to show fall shedding on the interior of the plant. They are shedding growth from the previous year. This is natural and only occurs on mature growth.


With Arborvitae, Pine, Spruce, Japanese Holly, Cypress etc …. You notice yellowing / browning foliage on the interior of the plant. This foliage will eventually dry and drop off (shed).


Fall shedding is usually heavier on new planted evergreens but all evergreens will experience some form of shedding. Needle / leaf drop is NOT an indication that your plant is not healthy. Again, it’s natural for this to happen.